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A must-see website

For all you Bible fans out there, and I know you're there -

Back of the Bible

It's a quick look at some of the more obscure Old Testament books where... Well, the author describes it as:

"For every chapter about Jesus wind-sprinting across a lake to tell you how much he loves kittens, there's another with God making a smoking peasant fireball because they sacrificed a goat to Him with the wrong knife."

It's that kind of tone. It actually reminds me a great deal of the old Seanbaby Superfriends website - same style to it. I laughed out loud several times, most of all at this line, describing God in the Book of Zephaniah (I didn't know there was a Book of Zephaniah, did you?) where he threatens ance again to wipe out every living thing from the planet Earth:

"In movies, the lunatic threatening to kill everybody because they don't love him enough is the guy Bruce Willis shoots a lot of times. In the Bible, it's the guy Bruce Willis prays to."

It's really, really funny. Go look.

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