MShades (mshades) wrote in pro_geek_v2,

There's always room for funny....

The Onion, as usual, has all the best coverage....

God Outdoes Terrorists Yet Again

Government Relief Workers Mosey In To Help

NEW ORLEANS—Federal Emergency Management Agency director Michael
Brown, leading a detachment of 7,500 relief workers, moseyed on down to
New Orleans Monday afternoon. "Well, I do declare, it's my job to see
if any of these poor folks need any old thing," Brown said from his
command rocker on the command post porch, adding, "Mighty hot day,
ain't it?" Follow-up teams of emergency relief workers are expected to
begin ambling into the Gulf Coast region as early as this weekend.
"They should be getting the trucks good and warmed up anytime now, and
they'll be cruising into town just as soon as all the reservists stroll
in," said Brown, who is currently at his desk awaiting offers of food,
water, and evacuation buses to roll in from "somewhere or other."

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